Monthly Archives: September 2006

21 Sep

>EOTech 553s Are In

Steven K. Ledin,

Finally got some EOTech 553 sights in. The first things I noticed was the silver colored stainless steel windage and elevation screws and the two small throw-levers on the integral ARMS mount. The sight is made to be instantly attached to a 1913 picatinny rail. It can be removed and reinstalled with no more than a one minute loss of zero. The recoil lug under the sight is true 1913, and will not fit on Weaver style bases with the standard recoil slot of about .146. The recoil lug is about .196 and will simply not fit. The side-to-side differences …

14 Sep

>Lapping Scope Rings

Steven K. Ledin,

A customer asked the other day if he should lap his rings, and how to go about it.
It’s a no brainer. The first use you get out of your lapping tool or one inch bar is when your bottom ring halves are mounted on your gun and you drop the tool in. It should drop to the bottom of both rings. If it doesn’t, you can move your rings accordingly, most often your rear windage screws on a Leupold type base. The front ring might require a degree or so of a turn also. It’s really easily seen with …