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27 Feb

Sampson Star-C Rail Installation, Range Day with Prototype Optics Testing, and HS Precision

Steven K. Ledin,

I've been testing and using so many different types of optics and night vision units that I really need a dedicated full rail on my main small bore semi auto test gun, a Colt Competition H-Bar. I installed a Hogue free floated foreend many years ago, and besides trigger work and cryogenic barrel and receiver treatment, it contributed to this gun shooting sub half inch groups with Federal Gold Medal Match with the excellent 69 grain Sierra Match Kings. I received a Sampson Star-C 7" free float handguard

21 Feb

SHOT Show 2012, Part Duex

Steven K. Ledin,



We take customer polls and reviews and present certificates to vendors for certain winning categories and products. In the 2012 Leupold catalog on page 81 you'll see a thumbnail copy of our Brilliance Award that we presented Leupold for the "Best Premium Tactical Riflescope", which was the Mark 4 4.5-14×50 ER/T M5 Front Focal. It's great to know that they respect us and our award so much that they published it in their catalog. It's fun knowing that many retail locations that sell Leupold products give out their catalogs, and customers will see that OpticsPlanet is the place to buy …

11 Feb

SHOT Show 2012 Part One

Steven K. Ledin,


Perpetually my favorite stop at SHOT


Our daily chartered bus picked up almost two dozen OP employees from three different rental houses and dropped us off in front of the Sands Convention Center where we hit the ground running in wildly diverse directions like dropping a handful of BBs on a countertop. The first day of SHOT was officially started. Most of our folks were there from our purchasing department, but others were from Merchandising and Marketing, with me alone representing Product Intelligence until Trevor got there the next day.

SHOT is a dealer only show swimming with …