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28 Dec

>Father and Daughter Guns, More Consumable Dead Animals, Christmas Loot, and OP Holiday Gala at the Field Museum

Steven K. Ledin,

My mission…to provide a youth rifle in .22 for a girl’s 10th birthday gift, a full-size .22 rifle for her dad, and a .22 pistol they both can use. Lots to choose from. There’s plenty of youth single shots out there, but even for a kid, they get boring quickly. A repeater is appreciably more fun, and keeps their interest peaked longer. A bolt is normally my choice, and the Remington Model 5 Compact would be a good one. Unfortunately, they were discontinued and nowhere to be found. I thought the next best choice would be the Ruger 10/22 Compact
10 Dec

Iowa Cold, Nikon M-223 on a 12 Gauge, Filled Tags, Butchery, and Food

Steven K. Ledin,

The weather in Iowa during our hunt was supposed to be cold, and they got it right. Single digits waking up, and highs in the 20s. Since Tom and I were driving, space and weight weren't an issue. I brought about all the good base layers of underwear I had. Better too much than too little. One of the hardest parts to get correct is the type and quantity of layers to wear, taking into consideration how much walking and sweating you have to do to get to your tree stand. Sweating under your clothes and sitting in wet underwear