Monthly Archives: January 2008

18 Jan

>First Plane vs. Second Plane

Steven K. Ledin,

A customer asked a good question the other day and I thought I would share it and the answer with you:

“On a variable power scope, the reticle in the first focal plane increases or decreases with the power setting ( correct me if I’m wrong) so th reticle appears the same size on the target. In the second focal plane the reticle stays the same size as the image increases or decreases in size with the power setting, so the reticle covers more area on low power, and less area on a higher power. What are the advantages
08 Jan

>Scope Choice for a .22

Steven K. Ledin,

A customer asked a question the other day that kind of relates the importance of price and purpose in choosing a scope for his son’s .22. This is the question:

“I just purchased a Savage MK II BTVS for my son and I need to get a Scope for him.
There are way to many for me to learn, so when in doubt ask the experts. I just would like to buy a scope that is good for the range and will standup to time and a teen’s usage and easy to use. Stainless Steel would be nice to match