Monthly Archives: September 2013

27 Sep

Another Not a 1968 Tula AK, a Busted Career 707, and FWB 90 Grip Part

Steven K. Ledin,

The AK I got for a friend did not have a 1968 Tula receiver. i found out it's a U.S. made No Dak Spud receiver with a Tula marked trunion. Still fine. Below is another AK without a 1968 Tula receiver.

Another gun I was going to use in the upcoming AGBI (Air Gun Bitch Invitational) is my Career 707 .22 caliber lever action PCP repeater, shown below. I haven't charged the gun in years, and now that I want to use it, it won't hold air. The hand pump and my scuba tank are ready to go.Teardown coming.

My Feinwerkbau …

10 Sep

Russian AKs, Drowning Dogs (Almost), FNGs, and My Current Favorite Flashlights and Headlamps

Steven K. Ledin,

It's a 1968 AK receiver from the Tula Arsenal. With the required number of hot rodded and coated American parts, it's a badass gun. It is a gift from a friend to a friend. I just got all the stuff and cut one of my unused SKB cases. The mags, bayonet, and pistol grip are original Russian bakelite. I really hope it gets shot. It's the best feeling AK in terms of function I've ever played with, and the trigger is actually fair. I would shoot the heck out of it, not look at it.

My Shirley and I went …