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16 Jul

>How To Buy A Laser Rangefinder

Steven K. Ledin,

Here’s an article soon to be on our website:

How to Buy a Laser Rangefinder

Golf and Hunting: Priority Differences
Reticles and Aiming Points
Picture Quality
Battery Life
Size and Weight
Horizontal Mode
Scan Mode
Other Modes

Determining how your laser rangefinder will be used is the first step in ensuring that you choose the most useful model for your application. There are rangefinders for hunting, golf, and surveying. This article will deal mainly with golf and hunting rangefinders.

Golf and Hunting…Priority Differences

When a rangefinder reads the first object in its line of view
08 Jul


Steven K. Ledin,

Strange, but true. My fish is now at least 60 pounds. It grew 10 pounds even after it died last Tuesday. It continues to grow. The best thing about a dead tuna is that you can eat it. Some of my 70 pound tuna was shipped to me Monday, and it was sufficiently thawed enough last night to prepare.

Pieces from my 80 pound tuna were wrapped in several bags when I got them, so I didn’t know what they would look like. When I opened the bags last night I almost fell over. The smaller steak of two in
06 Jul


Steven K. Ledin,

I'm sitting on the fantail of the "Ocean Pearl". I haven't been on an ocean-going fantail for almost 30 years. It brought back a lot of memories. We're in the gulf stream now a few hours off of Norfolk, Virginia, where yesterday we met the good folks from BLACKHAWK!. After our productive business meetings, seven of us chartered the "Ocean Pearl", about a 40 foot fishing boat, and we left from the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia about 4:00 this morning. Captain Steve and his first mate John were in charge of the boat. His passengers stoically withstood the chops and
02 Jul

>Night Vision Riflescope on High Standard Sentinel Revolver with Docter and Laser

Steven K. Ledin,

Sometimes a practical solution looks to be ridiculous on the surface. Case in point, my latest creation for back door coyotes. It is a handy little six inch barrelled High Standard Sentinel revolver. It’s chambered in .22 Long Rifle, and I have it sighted in at 40 yards with Remington Subsonics, one of my favorite loads. I drilled and tapped the receiver and installed a Weaver base I had laying around. It has a flat bottom, so it probably came from a Marlin lever gun or something. With the rear sight removed I have just enough length on the rail