Monthly Archives: April 2012

13 Apr

Fox Model B Shotgun Repair, Junkyard Gun Treasures, and Classes in Session!

Steven K. Ledin,

Friend John's brother goes to a local junkyard and shoots rats with a 12 gauge Fox Model B shotgun. The stock in places is wafer thin, and it eventually splintered in 5 places. The right barrel also wouldn't work. When I got it, a couple of receiver pins were not in place. When that happens, springs do crazy things to remaining parts. I was able to put it back together, and the reason the right barrel wouldn't work was due to a worn sear / hammer relationship. I could get a new …

02 Apr

Nanuk 390 Hard Cases on Moose Racing Expedition Luggage Rack

Steven K. Ledin,

This weekend I installed a Moose Racing Expedition luggage rack on my KLR 650. This is the bike that our U.S. Marines use, but they are converted to diesel for them. These bikes eat Baha and suburban potholes and curbs. I repositioned my turn signals with a little splicing and heat shrink tubing, and raised my license plate a bit, also. On the top rack I needed to affix one of three Nanuk 930 hard cases. There were no provisions for doing so. I decided …