Monthly Archives: August 2007

31 Aug

>Nikon 440 Rangefinder

Steven K. Ledin,

I hear a buzz about my favorite rangefinder. The Nikon 440 is to be discontinued. It’s a great buy at 200 bucks, and the size and maximum readable distance is perfect for me. I don’t know what they will have in it’s place yet. It has 8x magnification and weighs only seven ounces. It fits easily into a pocket, and you won’t know you have it until you need it. The glass is typically clear multicoated Nikon quality, and the unit uses a single CR2 battery. It is water resistant and durable. Mine has withstood quite a few drops
30 Aug

>Swarovski AV 4-12×50 with TDS

Steven K. Ledin,

I’m going trolling for goats this year in Wyoming, and I’m using a Swarovski AV 4-12×50 rifle scope with a reticle similar to the TDS. It’s a new reticle offering, and simply offers stadia lines for bullet drop compensation. I have always thought Swarovski offered the brightest optics available, and I like the light weight. I hate carrying around a lot of crap, and I try to be minimalistic when I leave for a hunt. I’ve swatted a bunch of Pronghorns with lesser magnification at distances up to the mid-300s, and a bit more magnification won’t hurt. This setup
28 Aug

>B-Square Saddle Mounts for Remington Shotguns

Steven K. Ledin,

A customer asked the other day if the B-Square saddle mounts for Remington shotguns were any good. My answer was a resounding YES! They slip over the receiver of 1100s, 11-87s, and 870s and are secured by the removal and replacement of the easily removed trigger pins. If you have one of these scatterguns and properly clean it including removing the trigger assembly, you can install one of these mounts. To avoid any scratching of the receiver you can put a bit of oil or a piece of tape between the metal parts where they would touch, and you’re
24 Aug

>Nikon Omega for Muzzleloaders

Steven K. Ledin,

I wasn’t chosen in the lottery by the DNR this year for my two shotgun deer permits in my chosen Illinois county. I put in again for a muzzleloader permit, and shouldn’t have a problem. I’m considering a new shootin’ iron this year, and of course new glass for it. I’ve been thinking about a Nikon Omega 3-9×40 with their useful BDC reticle. This reticle has circles instead of lines, and is set for a particular load out of the Thompson Center Omega rifle, although it can really be used for anything you want simply by determining
22 Aug

>Alpen Kodiak Scopes and Extension Rings

Steven K. Ledin,

A customer wanted to know if he would need extension rings to mount the Alpen Kokiak rifle scope on his gun. He had a Marlin 336 and was concerned about the ring spacing. The 30-30 is a short action cartridge and doesn’t need a lot of space between the rings. With Weaver style bases you need even less. If ring spacing is ever a concern, just go ahead and use extension rings as sold by just about every manufacturer. The Alpen Kodiak is an entry level scope, and the customer didn’t have a lot of money to spend. It should