Monthly Archives: May 2007

30 May

>Burris XTS-135 and 235 Xtreme Tactical Speeddot and M4s

Steven K. Ledin,

We’ve been getting lots of traffic lately regarding Burris’ new XTS-135 and 235 Xtreme Tactical Speeddots. The Speeddots seem to be well built, and although they’re pretty new offerings, the initial responses by users are positive. The most common question about the new red dots is the mounting height of the scope on flattop rifles. Lower rings are preferred for most bolt action rifles, but the black guns have to have sights from an inch to an inch and a half high so your eye is comfortably positioned above the stock. Too low and you can’t get your …

28 May

>AR-15 Front Sight Post In My Way…Troy Industries Available

Steven K. Ledin,

The front sight post on an AR-15 type flattop is invisible for all practical purposes when looking through a scope. No need to have a flip-up or removable front to use magnification. With lower powered scopes you may see a shadow, and with higher powered scopes your clarity and resolution is a bit degraded, but for scope testing or informal plinking you don’t need to be overly concerned. If you want to swap for a flip-up, consider the Troy Industries sights. Rears are available also.…

24 May

>Chuck’s Remington and New VX-III and Stuff

Steven K. Ledin,

My friend and veterinarian Chuck told me he’s going on a pronghorn hunt this fall and asked me for advice. Chuck hunts lots of waterfowl and doesn’t have any experience with rifles or big game hunting to speak of. His dad’s hand-me-down Remington 700 is decades old and probably has under a box of 30-06 cartridges through it. The gun is in great condition and is ready to go as-is, but me being me needed to modify it a bit. It’s in a bunch of pieces in my gun room at the moment. Iron sights are not needed. Lose ’em. …

21 May

>Fobus for Action Pistol

Steven K. Ledin,

Dusted off a Fobus paddle holster and a Glock 22 with Trijicon sights yesterday for an NRA Action Pistol match. This was the first time I shot Action Pistol instead of IPSC. The course was as follows: 6 at 7 yards, reload and 6 in a total of 20 seconds. 6 at 15, reload and 6 in 25 seconds. 6 at 25 yards, reload and 6 in 35 seconds. 6 at 50 yards, reload and 6 in two minutes. You must draw from the holster for the first three stages and shoot standing. The fourth stage you may go prone …

17 May

>Meade My Sky for All Outdoor Enthusiasts

Steven K. Ledin,

I am not a techno-geek. My computer ignorance is matched by very few. I shudder at the prospect of reprogramming my VCR or following computer menus. My unenlightenedment is similar regarding astronomy. I know what the moon and the big dipper are and that’s about it.

Charged by my boss to test the new Meade My Sky, I unwillingly took it home as asked. I left for home a bit early because it was for work, not fun.

After kissing my dog and petting my wife, I fixed a drink and settled into a comfortable folding chair in my …