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18 Aug

>Sportsman Surgery

Steven K. Ledin,

Here’s a reprint from a couple years ago:

My favorite spring piston airgun is a Beeman R-1 anniversary model in .20 caliber. It has an ivory grip cap and used to wear an older Leupold 3-9 EFR without click adjustments (current scopes have clicks). The scope had my name engraved on it from the Leupold Custom Shop, and it was perfect and sexy and sighted in with Crosman Premiers at 25 yards.

I now shoot this rifle at three different distances, and wanted a scope with click adjustments and target turrets. I installed a Bushnell Sportsman 3-9 AO in …

13 Aug

>The Amazing Jonathan and the South African Gas Station Meat Pie Adventure

Steven K. Ledin,

Some people just have guts. Jonathan is one of them.

We left our hunting lodge for a 5 hour trip to the Johannesburg, South Africa airport for the trip home after a long and draining safari. We were all exhausted. The van was crowded but reasonably unstinky even though crammed with hunters recently released from the wilds of the bush. Hygiene does not always take priority. We had to stop for fuel, and since we weren’t making good enough time to stop for lunch we would have to do with whatever we could find to eat at the gas