Monthly Archives: July 2008

30 Jul

>Red Dot Shapes

Steven K. Ledin,

One of the biggest reasons that people return red dot sights is because the dot is not perfectly round, or there is some glare around the inside of the tube. I have news for you. You won’t get a perfectly round dot. That’s just the way it is. The brighter you adjust the dot, the fuzzier it will get. Simple solution: turn the intensity down. The brightest settings are for the brightest ambient conditions. If you turn up your Aimpoint Comp C32X and you see a halo inside the tube, this is normal, not a flaw. Same with cheap units.
10 Jul

>Holsters 101 Featuring Bianchi, Blackhawk, Fobus, Galco, Etc.

Steven K. Ledin,

Last training class was Holsters 101. I spoke about construction and materials, applications, real world daily carry, and my favorites. I started the class wearing an Uncle Mikes Bandolier with a scoped Freedom Arms in it over a Galco Miami Classic with a Glock. Inside my 5.11 tactical shirt was a Star PD. My ankle held a Kel-Tec in an Uncle Mike’s rig. On my belt was a Galco Phoenix Crossdraw with a model 10 in it, next to a left hand Blackhawk Serpa with another Glock, then a Galco SOB with another Glock, then