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04 Jan


Steven K. Ledin,

I was up before dawn, and my backpack was still sopping wet from the caribou blood I washed off it from yesterday’s kill before I crawled into my sleeping bag last night. In the tent that morning were seven other hunters sleeping deeply, their non-harmonious snores a cacophony of wheezing and nightmarish sounds, and the combined stink and foul gasses of their rank breath and soured bodies and soiled hanging undergarments after a week of physical exertion with limited hygienic options was stifling and, so help me, visual.

This was the last day of an unguided caribou hunt near …

03 Jan

Happy New Year 2013

Steven K. Ledin,

Best wishes for a great new year to you all!

Santa brought me a new windscreen for my Kawasaki. My Shirley got an ivory crucifix I made her, and a watch.

I finished a shadow box for friends John and Emerald from one of the three guns they found in a junkyard. I gave Roy Jinks, the Smith & Wesson historian, pictures and the specifics,  and he authenticated on S&W letterhead that the gun is a New Model Number Three Target, in caliber .450 Revolver. It was born in 1903 and shipped to a gun shop in Birmingham, England for sale.