Monthly Archives: March 2007

29 Mar

>Swift Premier Scopes for High Recoiling Air Rifles

Steven K. Ledin,

Swift will be in tomorrow to update the troops on new products and do some training. I’ve been using an SPR685M on a RWS 52 Deluxe in 25 caliber for the last few months. I’ve broken quite a few scopes on this beast, and even though I’ve tried to destroy this one, it has held up perfectly. It is repeatable, looks good and is plenty bright. The included sunshade is a nice touch. I’ll keep trying to trash this item, but it looks like it’s here to stay.…

24 Mar

>Galco Miami Classic Anomaly

Steven K. Ledin,

I was fooling around with one of my Galco Miami Classic holsters the other night. I hadn’t worn this particular one for a while, and as I put it on I noticed that it must’ve shrunk a bit over the winter. It didn’t look any different, and the screws were in the correct position, so I concluded it must’ve shrunk. That I had grown a bit in proportion was inconceivable. Just because I eat too much sometimes and don’t excersise enough was not reason enough to believe there was that much more of me. So I grumbled a bit as …

21 Mar

>Simmons Universal Red Dot Scope

Steven K. Ledin,

For about forty-five bucks you can get a light duty Simmons Universal red dot sight that can be used on the 3/8″ grooves on a .22 pistol or rifle. By switching the mounting brackets from top to bottom, this sight turns into a unit that can be mounted on a standard weaver rail. Sights of this type are not what I would carry into the deer field on my shotgun, but for light duty use are a lot of fun. They easily attach to most firearms, and give beginners a good idea how much less of a problem it is …

16 Mar

>Weaver-style Versus 3/8" Dovetails

Steven K. Ledin,

There is confusion about base sizes. To be very basic, a Weaver-style base is 7/8″ across. 22s do not have Weaver-style bases, but 3/8″ dovetails. A 22 base fits the 3/8″ dovetails, and Weaver-style fits the wide ones. Take a peek at “The Importance of a Secure Scope Mounting System.”

12 Mar

>Lasermax Lasers

Steven K. Ledin,

The installation of these sights is a no-brainer. If you can disassemble your gun, you can probably install a Lasermax sight. Simply replace the factory guide rod and spring, and you are guaranteed to be within 2-3″ at 20 yards to your point of aim. Some applications require the replacement of an included part or two. Directions are supplied and are simple enough for most. The 1911 style is adjustable with a small allen wrench. One of mine in a Glock 22 has been abused for over a dozen years and has only required the occasional battery change. Models …