Monthly Archives: November 2006

25 Nov

>Docters in the Sandbox

Steven K. Ledin,

An unnamed commander from Seal Team Seven called for more Docters. It has become the quick target acquisition scope of choice for many operators in Iraq. It’s light, durable, small, and accurate. The mounts are also available. Optics Planet has an exclusive deal with Docter USA to offer their red dot sights on the internet. Even the ACOG mounts are available. Mounting a Docter on a carry handle of your black gun doesn’t change the weight or handling characteristics of your gun, and a lot of 6.8s are using them overseas, even in conjunction with their ACOGs. I …

11 Nov

>Uncle Mike’s Products Now Available

Steven K. Ledin,

Uncle Mike’s products are now available through Optics Planet. I’m wearing an Uncle Mike’s belt today with my Navy dungarees for veteran’s day. Their products have been a standard for many years, and the Uncle Mike’s name now includes Hoppe’s, Butler Creek, Stoney Point, and Blackwater tactical gear. All this new stuff makes me spend my hard-earned money on stuff I “need”, but Shirley understands and has put up with it for so long she’s mostly immune.
Election day has just passed, and I hope you all voted. It’s your duty, not to be taken for granted. …