Monthly Archives: September 2009

28 Sep

>Devil Gun Groups and Yukon Spotter

Steven K. Ledin,

The Devil gun is running fine. That’s great because I was losing confidence I could get it to shoot well enough. Yesterday groups were running around an inch, with one group about .330. Plenty good for anyone, and that is with the cheaper Winchester Power Points. After upward pressure didn’t work well enough, I hogged out the stock completely with 220 grit sandpaper around a piece of conduit, then a larger piece of water pipe. The stock does not contact the barrel at all from about an inch in front of the receiver forward. I also polished the crown
22 Sep

>Burris Six-X, Tasco World Class Plus, and More

Steven K. Ledin,

Last range session was mainly about getting small groups out of my Vanguard. The crappy groups I’ve been getting had nothing to do with the great glass on it. I’m using one of the new Burris Six-X riflescopes with the ballistic reticle. Nice piece of equipment. It’s in lapped Burris XTR rings on top of Burris XTB bases. All quality products.
I had some fun with other guns while the Weatherby was cooling off from my .300 Winchester Magnum shot strings.
Sometime in 1993 I got a call on a Saturday from the owner of the gun
21 Sep

>The "Meister Brau Devil Gun", Kolpin and Butler Creek

Steven K. Ledin,

The “Devil Gun”, my 9999 serial number Weatherby Vanguard just wasn’t shooting for me. I’m getting flyers like a bad habit. The stock was contacting the left side of the forearm when it arrived, but since it’s a sub-MOA rifle with a test target I disregarded it. Then the bedding broke off so I rebedded it. Still large groups and flyers. Spoke to Weatherby a couple times, and they’re great, but I didn’t have time to send it in. The gun is tested for accuracy potential, then threaded for a brake if one is requested, which I did. Works great
17 Sep

>Red and White Wining with 5.11 in Modesto with Taclite Pro Pants and the Light for Life

Steven K. Ledin,

Spent a few days in Modesto, California last week on a dealer retreat with 5.11 Tactical, a favorite company of mine. It was refreshing to see such a competently run large business. 5.11 is mostly oriented towards the brick and mortar retail stores, but we at OpticsPlanet do a large bit of business with them as well. The embellishment section of 5.11 is state of the art, with complex looking machines hooked up to Macintosh computers directing the embroidery and silk screen operations. OpticsPlanet doesn’t use this service, but we may in the future. Their warehouse was expertly run,
10 Sep

5.11, Range Time, Exercise, and House Maintenance; Monkey Edition

Steven K. Ledin,

It's been a busy two weeks. After starting to break in a couple of guns in my basement (see "Barrel Break in Procedures…") I planned to take four .30 caliber guns to the range. While taking the stock off my new Weatherby Vanguard Sub-MOA in .300 Winchester Magnum, the factory bedding broke off around the front recoil lug. Crap. It seems as if some of the bedding material that flowed into the action screw hole wasn't attached very well to the surface of the pillar bedding, and it just gave up its grip.




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