Monthly Archives: July 2010

27 Jul

>Gun Vault GV5900 Safe and Fresh Garden Cooking

Steven K. Ledin,

I got a gun safe delivered to my office the other day. It’s a Gun Vault GV5900. A decent product at a good price, made to keep more than honest people honest. I certainly can’t get into it without a combination. It’s a bit over 200 pounds and can be easily bolted to the floor via the holes predrilled into it. It will hold up to a dozen guns, so there’s plenty of room for my toys coming to and from work. The electronic key pad on top is easily manipulated and is easy to set to the combination
16 Jul

>Weaver Tactical Mounts and Best Scope Values

Steven K. Ledin,

I’ve been pretty impressed with the new Weaver Tactical line of riflescope mounts and accessories. I’ve been suspect of this company since the last couple of owners screwed it up royally. Seems like ATK, the new owners, have really cleaned house and started fresh. The made in USA tactical line is a perfect example. Innovative products, made here, with items that are well thought out and usable. There’s an AR Ambi Sling Adapter that does not require you to remove your buffer tube. How come nobody else has thought of this yet? The Rail Mount Sling Adapter is another well
02 Jul

>Happy Independence Day!

Steven K. Ledin,

Happy Independence Day! From an old Navy salt to the rest of the veterans, thanks for serving!

Three day weekend coming up for some. More time for projects. Lately I’ve cleaned and mounted some turkey skulls for Mark the Turkey Hunter, scrimshawed some Alaskan walrus ivory necklaces for a friend’s wife and My Shirley, built a 1/6 scale motorcycle for one of our displays, cooked a lot of grand food, and I’m building some elk chili to take to a fireworks party. Took the hog to work four days in a row this week. Working on an AR with everything