Monthly Archives: August 2009

24 Aug

>Donald E. Tipsword, a Shooter’s Friend

Steven K. Ledin,

I lost one of the best friends I will ever have yesterday morning. Donald E. Tipsword was a mentor to many, including me. He taught me a lot under his wing. He introduced me to the Masonic fraternity and employed me as a private investigator for a dozen years. I legally carried concealed weapons in Illinois in a non-law enforcement capacity, which is pretty much unheard of. I have Don to thank for a lot of what I am now. His wife and he got along as well as My Shirley and I do, which is remarkable in itself. He
17 Aug

Barrel Break in Procedures for 1800 (Mili)Meters, Basement Edition

Steven K. Ledin,

Shot a four inch, twelve shot group at 1800 meters this weekend during my barrel break in procedure. Actually, I mean millimeters, or about 6 feet. I have a Detroit Bullet Trap Super 12×12 bullet trap rated for velocities of up to 3200 FPS. The 180 grain bullet from my 300 Winchester Magnum is moving along at about 3000 FPS, 200 FPS under the trap's redline. This behemoth trap is on my basement floor at the moment, with its 12×12 inch mouth yawing open for any bullets I want to throw at it. Some of the many problems associated
12 Aug

>Burris XTB Bases and XTR Rings with Docter Red Dot for Break In Procedure

Steven K. Ledin,

I’ll be using the same gun for two consecutive hunts this October, and to facilitate the swapping of the two different riflescopes I’ll be using on these hunts, I opted to use Burris XTB Weaver style bases on my new Weatherby Vanguard Sub-MOA in 300 Winchester. With the low XTR rings it’s a good fit with plenty of room for the included flip up caps with my Burris 6X 2-12×40 #201951 scope installed for the first hunt. This new scope has a 6x magnification range and no external parallax adjustment, which I don’t really care for. With my