Monthly Archives: October 2009

24 Oct

>Queasy on the Night Before the Big Bushnell Game

Steven K. Ledin,

11:30 AM Saturday, October 24th. Feels like the night before the big game.

I’m waiting in my Jeep for my shooting range to open.

I deep cleaned the Devil Gun and installed a Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5-16×42 in lapped Burris XTR rings.

I got back from my Colorado elk hunt sponsored by Burris last week and had a few days to clean up any issues at work before I leave Monday morning for another elk hunt, this time with Bushnell in Oregon.

Packing is easier this time because my gear was just proof tested on the hunt last week

19 Oct

Burris Elk Hunt 2009

Steven K. Ledin,

I checked zero on the "Devil Gun" at a range on the way to camp. No issues. Good to go.

I kind of hoped that I'd get a gentle knock on my cabin door by a cute little maid when it was time to wake from my feather bed. She would put a cup of good coffee on my bed stand with a coy smile and offer her best wishes for a good hunt while she clicked on the morning news. With a twirl of her skirt, and a turn of her perfumed ankle she would be gone, leaving me …

08 Oct

>Gone Elk Hunting

Steven K. Ledin,

Hunt time is here. Going to Colorado. CCCccold there right now, about 10 degrees. Talk to you next week, God willing.…

05 Oct

>Devil Gun to Burris!

Steven K. Ledin,

The Devil Gun is on its way to Burris. They’ll grab it and bring it to camp. Nice when you don’t have to fly out of O’Hare with firearms. The best thing, though, is that now I get to bring some meat back as check on luggage if I’m lucky enough to score. Normally the cost associated with overnighting a heavy, frozen package of meat is very cost-prohibitive. I shipped my gun in a Kolpin Rhino soft case inside a tan Pelican 1750 gun case with two pieces of foam removed.

Last Thursday I sighted in at 200 yards,