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27 May

My Visit to Leupold and a Tunnel Dream Come True

Steven K. Ledin,

As a very young man, many of my fantasies seemed almost unattainable at the time. Getting a driver's license was a pretty sure thing, but many years in the future. Losing my virginity was another one a long time coming. Getting my own dog took a while. Going to Africa on safari was just a pipe dream, as was walking on the pyramids of Egypt and racing cars and motorcycles and many other experiences.




Before I was interested in money or motorcycles or girls, there were guns. I've never not known guns and shooting, even since birth,
18 May

>Nikon M-223 Scopes on CMMG Guns in Missouri

Steven K. Ledin,

Monday mornings at OpticsPlanet aren’t the worst experiences in the world by far, and a lot of times are reasonably fun (for a job). Last Monday was better than most since it started with an early morning road trip with a few professional gun monkeys to Missouri. We stayed in a casino overnight, and I learned that we could only have one drink every half hour. What the heck is that about?

In the morning we left with a wagon train of vehicles bound to CMMG (Central Missouri Machine Gun) to abuse a bunch of their guns underneath various Nikon
05 May

>Happy Birthday to my Best Friend!

Steven K. Ledin,

14 years young!
04 May

>Fear and Loathing in Kansas with Turkeys and Bushnell

Steven K. Ledin,

A friend of mine I’ll call Mark the Turkey Hunter was invited to Kansas with Bushnell to shoot turkeys in the face. A few items from OpticsPlanet went with him. For binoculars he used the Bushnell Chuck Adams Bowhunter edition. These small and reasonably priced glasses were the perfect size and weight for turkey hunting, but Mark later opted to use a binocular with much better performance, the superb Elite 10x42s. Bigger and heavier with more magnification, but he seemed to prefer them over the handier Bowhunters. Anything that Bushnell makes and labels, “Elite“, you