Monthly Archives: February 2013

19 Feb

Weaver KV Riflescope

Steven K. Ledin,

This old Weaver KV riflescope was built between 1950-1964. There's a feature on this scope that few people have seen: a third turret to adjust the magnification. It has a power range from 2 3/4-5, and a non centered reticle. The scope rings are made with the scope. Get this: The steel one inch tube was made, then a ring, loosened as much as possible is slid on the scope tube. The turrets and housing are installed, then the second ring is slipped on. The ocular housing comes last. There's no way …

05 Feb

Dogs in the Dirt

Steven K. Ledin,

Our coworker Sean supplies his dad's hunting addiction with products from OpticsPlanet. His dad's name is Patrick, and he's been shooting lots of coyotes lately on his farm near Woodhull, IL. The weather has been cold, and this time of year the pelts are at their prime. Pat's getting 35 bucks apiece for prime pelts right now. His current rig is a Savage 10 in .223 with a Nikon Coyote Special 4.5-14×40 scope, shooting Hornady Varmint Express 55 grainers. He calls his dogs in with the new Primos Alpha Dog game call, currently the best on the market. …