Monthly Archives: May 2009

27 May

How to Peacefully Co-exist with Local Canada Geese, or: My Favorite Skyrat Recipes

Steven K. Ledin,

Since the beginning of recorded history, humans have had existential questions on profound matters never quite answered fully or correctly. Questions about God, the afterlife, our universe, and Canada geese come to mind. First three are comparatively easy to answer, but mankind still wonders about Canada geese and why they exist. Most think they are here to fertilize every #%$*&^%# lawn outside a bank or shopping mall or playground sandbox. That may be part of it, but the main reason they are here is for us to kill the damned locust-like honkers with whatever means available (in season with a
26 May

>Pelican 1750 Gun Case vs Storm 3300 Gun Case

Steven K. Ledin,

I’m still working on my friend Jerry the instructor’s shooting package. His model 70 Heavy Varmint is lapped, recrowned, polished, mounted and ready to go. I’m configuring his gun case now. I decided on a Storm 3300 gun case. I own a couple of Pelican 1750 gun cases and have taken them tens of thousands of miles. They are still absolutely perfect besides some battle scars. Storm is the direct competitor to Pelican, or was, anyway, because Pelican recently bought Storm. The cases are very close to each other in construction, but the Storm is just a
15 May

>My Favorite Golfing Rangefinder, the Bushnell Pinseeker 1500

Steven K. Ledin,

The first thing to know about purchasing any laser rangefinder is that the maximum ranges listed for a particular unit are for use with large, smooth, reflective targets under ideal atmospheric conditions, which means cloudy and clear. You may get a reading of 1000 yards off a light colored building, but only be able to read a tree or a deer at half that distance or less, and a flag on the green at a couple hundred yards maximum. Golf rangefinders are first priority rangefinders, meaning that they read the closer of two objects in the aiming area.

04 May

>Elk Hunting and Exercise

Steven K. Ledin,

This October I have two elk hunts scheduled. The first one starts at 9500 feet and I expect this hunt to be the most demanding I’ve ever attempted. I think I may just shoot myself before I go so I won’t have to trouble anyone to carry my body back down the mountain. I’m not the perfect physical specimen these days. Not that I ever was. But I take my hunting very seriously, and know I have to get back into shape, so I started working out this weekend. I entertained some friends last Friday, and by Saturday morning the