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30 Nov

>Cyber Monday at OpticsPlanet

Steven K. Ledin,

Cyber Monday is here! Today officially starts the main part of our Christmas season. Hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving. My Shirley and I have been eating well, like you’re supposed to do at this time of year. My turkey brined for four days and was the best bird we have ever eaten. Bold praise, indeed, but factual. I used the leftovers for turkey pot pies. This week I also made elk pizza bread to die for. With all the mozzeralla I put on it it probably hastened that end. The elk meat I brought home from a
16 Nov

>Bushnell Backtrack, Zebra Skin Rash and Knee Surgery

Steven K. Ledin,

One of the products I used on my last elk hunt was the Bushnell Backtrack. This personal locator/GPS is about the size of a pocket watch, and just about as easy to use. Turn it on and wait for a few satellites to triangulate your position. Set it to zero. Done. It will tell you how far and what direction to get back to the zero point. You may also set it for additional zeros, such as a road, a hunting stand, or maybe your car at the mall. This inexpensive unit could’ve saved my butt on
05 Nov

Another Successful Elk Hunt: The Bushnell Elk Excursion 2009

Steven K. Ledin,


October 28th, 6 AM. Outside John Day, Oregon.



Dark. Cold. 17 degrees when we woke up. The boys dropped me off with instructions to follow a barbed wire fence for a mile or so up the mountain (as the crow flies) and take a left and find a good vantage point. Music to my ears. Scary before sunrise by yourself. Real half-light Blair Witch Project-looking. Stranger in a strange land. My pack is heavy with emergency equipment, lots of water, food, extra clothing, and stuff to last a day in the elements. Fences there are held up