Monthly Archives: March 2014

21 Mar

Keith Warren NEMO Javelinas, Great Equipment, and Cactus Whiskey

Steven K. Ledin,

Took a little jaunt last week to visit Keith Warren in Texas to film some spots for his "High Road" TV show. He just got one of the awesome new NEMO semiautos in .300 Winchester, and called me up to help him choose appropriate accessories for it.  NEMO were the first folks to make the AR platform work with this big cartridge. Superbly built gun, not cheap, designed for ultra long range targets. I installed an outstanding  KFS Sierra 7 bipod. One of the great features of this Versapod sister company's products is …

11 Mar

Why Poontang, Gobblers, and Dogs Don’t Mix

Steven K. Ledin,

Spring turkey hunting has been a passion of mine for years. I like to think that the more I do things, the more experienced I become. But sometimes, familiarity breeds complacency.

I had harvested a number of birds over the years, and a friend's farm in Jo Davies county in Illinois, just a couple hours from my home promised another giant turkey. Jo Davies is one of the most successful deer and turkey counties in Illinois. I was looking forward to an easy hunt. I had deer hunted there before and knew the land. Not too steep. Didn't have to …