Monthly Archives: February 2011

25 Feb

>Pig Guns, OPMOD, Hard Cases, and Pistols

Steven K. Ledin,

Our pig killing guns and equipment cases are on their way to Texas. The above video was an impromptu thought before I shipped them. Our videographer extraordinaire, Devin, was on hand to film a taste of my reasonably disjointed babbling explanation of what I shipped and why. I wanted to show how the OPMOD bags are useful creatures for a variety of reasons. In this instance, I removed the foam from Storm 3300 and Pelican 1750 cases and inserted the OPMOD bags. Often, during hunts, you will need some sort of soft case while travelling by vehicle from one place …

17 Feb

Freedom Arms .454 with OPMOD on Weaver MIL-STD 1913 and Modified SSK Mount

Steven K. Ledin,

About 25 years ago I finally had some money saved that needed to be spent on my gun addiction. A friend's dad had just bought a 6" Freedom Arms revolver and it was too much for him. He wanted to sell it. Like so many other items I lust over, this manufacturer's products were way out of my league, pushing two grand retail even way back then when their guns only came one way. There were no Premier models and Field models, they were simply the best they could make. To this day, Freedom Arms makes the finest revolvers

15 Feb

>Barrett REC 7 5.56 First Report, Setting Up for Night Vision Texas Pigs

Steven K. Ledin,

Got friend Mark a Barrett REC 7 in 5.56 a couple days ago. Since the choice was up to me and I know Mark’s tastes, I knew he wouldn’t be happy with average, or even a very good product. For various reasons I picked up a REC 7. There isn’t really an upgrade from this piston system of proven quality and robustness. My thanks to my home shop, GAT Guns for always taking care of me.
Got the gun home and played with it. For well over two grand I certainly expected a better trigger, less play between upper