Monthly Archives: September 2007

28 Sep

>Goats Galore with Swarovski

Steven K. Ledin,

More speedgoats than I’ve ever seen before. The Tillard 55 ranch is run by Casey and his father Marty, true gentlemen ranchers and big hard working sturdy men. The ranch is at about 6000 feet and is mostly for sheep. They said “sheep for money, cattle for prestige.” About 100,000 acres of high desert sage and cactus. Lots of bald and golden eagles, prairie dogs, coyotes, mule deer, elk, and hospitality. Thirty to forty mile an hour winds were ridiculous, even for Wyoming standards. I passed a few times at a few hundred yards because of it. Bullets drift several
21 Sep

>Leaving to Hunt Sunday

Steven K. Ledin,

The guns runs good. I’m getting 1 1/2″ groups two inches high at 100 yards sitting with the bipod. Good enough. Nikon 1200 rangefinder is great. Swarovski scope has my yardage dope pasted to it. I only have access to a 100 yard range so I’ll fine tune in Wyoming. I should be perfectly zeroed at 200. At the range last week I cut my trigger finger reassembling a bolt someone took apart. Then I came home and cut my left pinky choosing a knife for the hunt. Sunday looks like thunderstorms out there, Monday calls for a snowstorm, Monday
17 Sep

>Sighting In

Steven K. Ledin,

Went to my range Saturday with only one gun instead of an arsenal. Had work to do. I’m leaving in a week for pronghorn and mounted a new scope. I put a Swarovski AV 4-12×50 in medium rings. The medium rings give me just enough barrel clearance to work. If you ask me what rings for a 50mm lens I’ll tell you highs. Mediums must be tried for fit. Barrel contour makes all the difference. Scope caps need to be cut and taped for clearance. I lapped the Leupold Dual Dovetail rings with Iosso paste and an old Harley
12 Sep

>5.11 Boots for Hunting

Steven K. Ledin,

I’m currently breaking in a new pair of boots for my upcoming antelope hunt in Wyoming in a couple weeks. They’re light and supportive enough for my needs over rocks and tough terrain, and I love the side zippers. I chose the #12110 ATAC boots in Coyote Tan. Hunters and hikers should not overlook so called “tactical” boots just because they aren’t marketed for hunting and hiking. These are as good of a boot as I have seen so far. I have lots of very good (read expensive) boots, and these will match the quality of any. In a