Monthly Archives: September 2008

19 Sep

>Swift High Recoil Riflescope on Airgun

Steven K. Ledin,

Well, I finally crashed my 720039 Bushnell Sportsman on my Beeman R1 air rifle. This is the scope I spoke about in the Sportsman Surgery blog. It’s been a fantastic scope for way too many shots for quite a few years. I’ll send it in under warranty for a new one, and when I get it back I’ll put it on a .22 rimfire or a lower powered airgun. Worth every penny, and I’m sorry to see it go, but the FF eyepiece started to wiggle a bit, and being a second plane scope, the reticle moved with
17 Sep

>New NightOptics Website

Steven K. Ledin,

There’s a new sister website we’re associated with that needs mentioning. Night Optics is primarily a source for night vision optics and related products. Take a look at the ATN J169W weapons mounted light. $169 bucks, 169 lumens, remote and mounts included. From first to fourth generation night vision and thermal viewing equipment, it’s worth a look.
11 Sep

>Leica Rangefinders for Chuck the Vet

Steven K. Ledin,

My veterinarian buddy Chuck is at it again. After his first experience with pronghorn last year he was hooked. He’s going again at the end of this month for antelope as well as mule deer, and his old rangefinder didn’t perform well enough for him. He doesn’t like to spend money if he doesn’t have to, but knows what money gets. Quality.

He asked me for a recommendation on a rangefinder. Knowing he’s not broke, I forced him to spend the money on the Leica CRF 1200, the finest rangefinder I am aware of for hunting purposes,
10 Sep

>Benchrest Scopes

Steven K. Ledin,

Here’s a forum post I answered for a customer from France. His question was:

“Steven L, MRgman and other experts Ive been readnig your informed responses for quite some time now, and as such i realise that my question doesnt have an easy answer. Hey, i may as well ask it anyway

I live in France and target shoot often. I have several great scopes inc NXS 12-42X, Zeiss Conquest 6.5-20X, Weaver T36 (truely a great scope for the money) and a Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24X. I have other scopes too, but these are far and away