Monthly Archives: April 2009

27 Apr

>Pointing Dogs and Pointing Guns

Steven K. Ledin,

In Riflescopes 101 class the other day I impressed upon the students the importance of safe gun handling. Most of these folks have never had any experience with firearms. Some have never been in the same room with a gun. I listed my credentials that give me the authority to handle guns in the classroom venue, and also gave real-world demonstrations about safe gun handling.

As a very small boy I was taught never to point a gun at anything I didn’t want to shoot. If I ever pointed even a toy gun at our bird dog or my brothers
17 Apr

>Pelicans Ripped My Flesh

Steven K. Ledin,

Our annual training classes started again with Binoculars 101 taught by Jne. Great class taught by a true expert. The next class is Riflescopes 101. I have to prepare some guns and vises and tools, and cases to carry it all in. I opened my downstairs closet to choose a few cases. Fred Flintstone must’ve packed it the last time, because when I opened it some Pelicans swooped out and attacked me. I have a couple of the superb Pelican 1750 gun cases that have been on different hunts in countries and continents. I rely on them when hard
09 Apr

>Jerry the Instructor’s New Rifle to Outfit

Steven K. Ledin,

Jerry and I have been friends for about 20 years. He is a quality human being and one of the nicest men that My Shirley and I have ever had the privelege to know. He is a fellow NRA certified instructor, and teaches basic pistolcraft for up to three students at a time several times a week at our local range. He’s also my hunting partner, and as a matter of fact, saw my current dog’s first point before I did. Radical Lee von Dundee loves Jerry. We’ve also slayed a lot of Canadas together.

Jerry has taken some time