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28 Nov

>VX-7 Worth the Money?

Steven K. Ledin,

A customer posed an interesting question yesterday:

“My sons both have VX-III scopes on their rifles (7mm Mag Remington Sendero 3×10; 270 Remington XCR 2.5×8) and they seem to be fine scopes for our purposes. I am getting a new $3,000 custom rifle for Elk, and would like advice about whether the 2x price for the VX-7 is justified.
I have also read comments that for the price a Swarovski or other high end European scope might be better.”

My answer was:

“Good question. The VX-7s have been chosen as best picks in several magazines. I have only seen them
21 Nov

>Different Base Types

Steven K. Ledin,

A customer asked a question on the Riflescope Forum the other day I thought would be useful for this blog. Here is the question:

Does anyone know the significant differences between getting a 1 piece or a 2 piece? Also what if any differences (pros/cons, purpose) are between a Dual dovetail design, “Standard” design or a $100+ Mark 4 Base and Rings? I am planning to get a Remington 700 LTR with a Leupold Mark4 4.5-14x40mm, what are my best options for leupold rings/bases? Thanks in advance!

Here’s what I answered:

Significant differences are none. Minor differences are that two
07 Nov

>Pelican 7060 LED Light

Steven K. Ledin,

I’ve been using a new tactical type flashlight lately, and typical of me it’s not cheap. You get what you pay for and I appreciate quality. The Pelican company is great to deal with as a customer and dealer. Their products have a lifetime warranty and nothing is second rate. The Pelican 7060 LED flashlight is a quality instrument and the price for this rechargeable light with charger and your choice of holster is $115.94 with free shipping from OpticsPlanet. It’s a sturdy light with 130 lumens and burns for 1.5 hours. You can use either of two switches. One