Monthly Archives: April 2007

23 Apr

>Streamlight Flashlights and Surefire Flashlights

Steven K. Ledin,

There are 24 hours in a day, and a large portion of them are dark. Humans need light to see, and the most convenient way to see in the dark is with a flashlight.
All flashlights are not created equal. A simple keychain LED flashlight will let you see where you’re walking or what breaker tripped in the electrical box in your basement, but isn’t the best for changing a tire or seeing what (or who) went bump in the night.
Streamlight flashlights are available for all purposes, whether it be for a firefighter or cop on duty or an …

21 Apr

>Hoppes Elite Scent-Free Gun Cleaner

Steven K. Ledin,

The last time I used my laundry room to clean lots of guns I got hurt. A bit because I inhaled too many different kinds of solvents with poor ventilation, a bit because the chemicals burned my skin, but mostly because Shirley cuffed me upside the head for stinking up and soiling her laundry room with my flotsam and jetsam. The next time I need to use the laundry room I’ll use Hoppes Elite gun cleaner. It is biodegradable, nonhazardous, scent free, and works well. If you have to clean your guns in a dangerous area like your wife’s …

14 Apr

>Aimpoint and Swedish Bikini Team

Steven K. Ledin,

How would you like to own the exact same personal weapon sight issued to our military? Over 500,000 Aimpoint reflex sights are currently in use by U.S. troops. In 2006, the U.S. Army ran a series of tests to see if there was another sight that was better than the current Aimpoint in use. When the tests were completed, an Aimpoint sight was once again proven to be the best available, and a contract for another 168,000 was approved.

Soldiers, law enforcement professionals, hunters, and competitive shooters have known for decades that Aimpoint products have the fastest target acquisition, the …

04 Apr

>Leupold VX-III and Dual Dovetails for a Remington 700 CDL

Steven K. Ledin,

A customer bought a Remington 700 Classic Deluxe in 30-06 and wanted to know what to put on it for all his deer-type hunting. Whether it be caribou in the Arctic, mule deer out West, or whitetails on the plains, I use Leupold VX-III 3.5-10×40 matte scopes and Leupold Dual Dovetail rings and bases. There are brighter scopes in the same price range on the market, but none that give me the satisfaction and peace of mind of the proven reliability of these scopes, and the brand in particular. This is based on thousands I’ve sold over the counter …