Monthly Archives: March 2012

30 Mar

Pretty Planet Person Perforates Pork with Pleasure!

Steven K. Ledin,

Never has a swine met a more happy end than to be poked by a .450 Bushmaster out of the slender fingers of Kate, our resident hunting babe and pig killer extrordinaire. The deadly omnivore met its end almost as fashionably as Kate the trigger-puller was dressed, and expired nearly immediately after the permanent cavity of a 250 grain Hornady FXT moving along at about 2200 FPS left him breathless. Being the caring, loving creature that Kate is, she quickly followed up with the coup de grace from her .44 magnum. She whipped out the 629 Mountain

19 Mar

Anniversary Fishing with OPMOD PAC Bag and Binoculars, Jupiter’s Moons with OPMOD Spotting Scope

Steven K. Ledin,


It was our 20th wedding anniversary last Saturday, and also Saint Patrick's day! The weather was a perfect sunny 80 degrees and My Shirley and Tinker and I headed out early to my sportsman's club to fish! The frogs were calling, and I tied a Scum Frog onto my 10 pound Fireline with a Palomar knot.  If you don't know this knot, you need to, especially if you're using slippery braided line instead of monofilament. I don't even use a Trilene knot at all anymore. I lobbed the frog across and under countless lilly pads with …