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30 Nov

Some Favorite Christmas Gift Suggestions

Steven K. Ledin,
Wheeler 89 piece deluxe Gunsmithing screwdriver kit

You had better start giving suggestions if you want some useful gifts for Christmas. Here’s some I rely on regularly….


The above picture is the Wheeler 89 piece deluxe gunsmithing screwdriver kit that includes bits for getting deeper into guns than most folks will ever go, so a better choice may be the Wheeler 72 piece kit. It may be more practical for you and is a bit less money. These bits are made for gunsmithing and have the proper flat ground profile to preserve every sharp screw edge you start …

23 Nov

Start your Christmas Shopping Early at

Steven K. Ledin,

Need to drop some Christmas hints? The Leupold VX-R riflescopes are taking off in a big way. The new design omits the cumbersome battery and rheostat placement on the ocular lens, and instead places it on the left side of the turret housing, for a much cleaner, sleeker look. The reticle adjustments work as designed. I’ve hunted with several different 3-9×50 examples since they first came out. The Leupold VX-R riflescope line promises to be a winner. The lit reticle is adjustable low enough that it isn’t blinding. Check out our Leupold riflescope selection for more choices from this premier …

18 Nov

Having a Fun Friday Workday at OP

Steven K. Ledin,

Elk meat from heaven!

I’m having a fun day today at OpticsPlanet on this chilly Friday in Northbrook. Our weekly staff meeting was even more delicious than normal, with lots of great news from various departments. Lots of continued growth. This is truly a dynamic place to work. At all levels you had better be on your toes and not rest on your laurels. Not what have you done for me lately, but what are you doing for me now. And it’s Christmas! Our time of the year!

My first meeting had to do with a project regarding …