Monthly Archives: September 2011

23 Sep

Barefoot Arkansas Digiscoping with iPhone and OPMOD, Painting the Turtle, Salem Eckman Foreskin III, New Old Guns, and Alaskan Bear Hunt

Steven K. Ledin,

My Shirley and I had a great trip to dad’s place in Arkansas. One of the best things about the trip was that we got to talk in the car for hours, something we rarely get a chance to do. My Shirley is awesome and beautiful and a perfect traveling companion. Plus I get to sleep with her, which doesn’t happen with most of my other traveling companions.

Dad looks for golf balls every day. He donated 12,000 golf balls to his church last year, and finds more than that annually. He keeps a bucket filled by the
01 Sep

Reticles and Girls Riding My Pulse, My Dog Closes His Eyes When We Kiss, OP Party, Filming at Deer Creek Hunt Club, and Happy Labor Day!

Steven K. Ledin,

Coffee speeds my heart rate and makes it even harder to control the thumping when shooting long range. The reticle rides my pulse. This reared its head last week while filming at Deer Creek Hunt Club in Michigan. Zen tricks are no match for lots of caffiene.

I had a few friends over to shoot for their first time, and Liz and Stacy are truly lovely creatures that make your heart bang out loud. Andre a bit less so, for my tastes, anyway. They all did great and we all had fun.

Our OP party was a big sucess with …