Monthly Archives: November 2010

29 Nov

>Last Minute Sighting-In Debacle Featuring Nikon Optics and Uncooperative Guns and Ammo

Steven K. Ledin,

I waited until the last minute, and this is what I get. It was deer season in Illinois two weekends ago and my range was closed because of it, so I had to wait until this last weekend to sight in for my Iowa deer hunt in a few days. I had Saturday set for shooting in case I ran into trouble. Turns out, I did have trouble, and needed to go Sunday, as well.

I had six boxes of 20 gauge Remington Accutips for my new Savage 220F that I’ve been excited about shooting. The hype on these guns …

24 Nov

>Product Specialist Devil Dogs

Steven K. Ledin,

Here’s three of our Technical Sales Product Specialists. Trevor, Chase, and Mark. Not technically “Devil Dogs” because they’re not all dressed as Marines, but all three have period, original, authentic gear totalling around 8 grand. This is what Halloween brings to our team. I was the Gordon’s fisherman. It’s not all work here. These guys are as good as you can get.
23 Nov

>Tom’s SX3 and My Savage with Nikon Slughunter 3-9×40 for Iowa Hunt, Icy Motorcycles, and Decaying Animal Parts

Steven K. Ledin,

Tom and I are going to Iowa in a couple weeks for big whitetails and I just mounted the scopes on our guns. Tom and I are both using Nikon Slughunter 3-9×40 scopes with the BDC 200 reticles. His is mounted on a new Winchester SX3 with a camo cantilever barrel, and mine is going on my Savage 220F bolt action 20 gauge. The rings I chose for his gun were the medium height Nikon Mossy Oak Break Up rings that matched his camo barrel well enough. The rings are made by Warne, and are great quality, though they
03 Nov

>Savage 220 Rings and Bases with Nikon Slughunter Scope

Steven K. Ledin,

Our compatriot, Ryan, just picked up one of the new Savage 220F 20 gauge bolt action slug guns. I also have one. His has the beautifully done camo stock. I’m jealous because mine is black. These guns have been shooting circles around everything on the market. They are one of the most accurate slug guns ever made. Customers have asked a lot of questions about mounts and rings and scopes for this model, and there’s some confusion out there. Most of the confusion centers around ring height. Mediums rings work well with the Nikon Slughunter 3-9×40, and the