Monthly Archives: April 2010

16 Apr

5.11 Tactical Pants, Beer, and Qatari Diplomat Humor

Steven K. Ledin,

Warning: Do not use the thigh pockets in 5.11 Tactical pants for holding beer cans while walking. They fit well, but the beer gets shaken up too much to open. Don’t ask me how I know. My dog thought it was funny and has a Pavlovian taste for beer like I do.
Did you hear about the Qatari jackass that joked about lighting his shoe on fire on an airplane? Funny, huh. Scrambling a couple of fighter jets and having taxpayers pay for it is funny, too. I have an idea. Since this ass has such a sense of humor,
09 Apr

>Rad’s Last Point and Binoculars 101

Steven K. Ledin,

My Shirley and I were perusing the estate this week after work. Rad was doing laps and peeing on things when Shirley said, “LOOK!” The dog was locked up like a statue. He hadn’t pointed a bird since he was retired a few years ago. Locked up solid. A cock pheasant was strutting his stuff outside our fence and neither animal could see each other. My Shirley was beside herself. Although My Shirley has been in the bird fields with us a couple times, she never really saw Rad on point. It took 14 years for her to see such
01 Apr

>ATN PS-40 and Chuck the Vet’s Meat

Steven K. Ledin,

Continued from the previous blog: The ATN PS-40 comes in a great SKB hard case with all accessories and tools needed to mount the scope to a pic rail. The BAM mount is separate. The IR illuminator is included, and gives you the opportunity to use the device in complete darkness. Just this morning I spoke again to the person I plan to use it with for coyotes, and we’re trying to button the trip down a little tighter.

My friend Chuck the Vet was over the other day for some gun stuff. He just got a couple of new