Monthly Archives: March 2010

26 Mar

>ATN PS-40 Generation 4 Night Vision Device with BAM mount on EGW HD Base on Savage 10 FCP McMillan .308 Winchester

Steven K. Ledin,

My Savage 10 FCP McMillan has a new top end on it. It’s the ATN PS-40. After decades of professional gunstuff employment, I’m a bit jaded, and not too many items excite me extraordinarily. This unit definitely does. It’s the big brother of the excellent ATN PS-22, with a larger objective lens and commensurate performance. I have to return it, but I’ll get a chance this year to beat the heck out of it in the field, and a tentative hunting trip is already planned for song dogs and night time testing. will be offering them soon.
19 Mar

>5.11 Tactical Trainers and Ballistically Erotic Projectiles

Steven K. Ledin,

My new 5.11 Tactical Trainers are superb. No break-in required. In Modesto, California last year at the 5.11 Dealer Symposium the Tactical Trainers were introduced. Turns out that at that time I was wearing a similar style of boot from an outdoor outfitter I like. I wore them on a safari in 2008 and got monkey blood on them that I never could get out. I was referred to as “Mr. Monkey Blood” by the folks from 5.11 Tactical. I have replaced those worn out things with the new 5.11 Tactical Trainers, and I won’t look back. They
14 Mar

>Guns and Ammo and Cookies and Milk

Steven K. Ledin,

Sometimes I get pretty saturated in my job, same as the cookies I soaked in milk during a midnight snack. This week was another busy one. I bring it home with me, too, but that’s okay. I would just do the same stuff anyway. After a long day of professional puttering with gun stuff and guns, I still read Gun Magazines for fun. It’s not all work.
Mounted a Bushnell Sportsman 3-9 with AO on a Remington model 5 bolt action .22 rimfire. Serbian manufacture. Some sharp places on the bolt, but it functioned without a hitch. Feeding from