Monthly Archives: March 2011

28 Mar

>Tinnitus, Preparing Myself for Shooting (PMS) with Tampons as Noise Blockers and Scent Dispensers, Strength Training for Spring, and Venison Burgers

Steven K. Ledin,

The last two shots I took in Texas with my .454 Casull destroyed a lot of my hearing. Not that I have an abundance to lose. Shooting for most of my life and many years on an aircraft carrier took a lot of it already, and I wasn’t using hearing protection at the exact time I had to shoot while on that pig hunt. My fault, of course, but even almost a month later my ears are still ringing me silly.

21 Mar

Crimson Trace Texan Hogs, Bloodthirsty New OP Gunbastard Converts, Lost With Insight HX150 Flashlight, Nearly Naked Hunting When Pigs Fly (Redux)

Steven K. Ledin,

Just got back from Texas pig hunting, had two days of work and then out to hunt them again. Texas this time, also, but just a few miles from the Mexican border instead of mid-state. Crystal City, Texas, the spinach capital of the world. The city gives a nice homage to Popeye. Weather was a lot warmer, around 80 degrees some days, as low as 50 some nights. Almost no bugs, and breezy and pleasant.

The hunt this time was sponsored by the famous laser company Crimson Trace, and with me were my Team Leader Mark from Technical Sales, …

07 Mar

Texas Pigs and Coyotes with EOTech Sights, Night Vision and Thermal Imaging From L-3, Lots of Hardcore Black Guns, $25,000 OPMOD Revolver, and Mudbugs

Steven K. Ledin,

Seven guys from L-3 EOTech were here last Tuesday. A few of us from OP had productive meetings with them most of the day. These were to be our hunting partners for Texas hogs. After work we went to my favorite restaurant in the whole world, the Italian Kitchen, where we feasted like kings until the wee small hours of the morning. John and Emerald really outdid themselves this night above all others. Incredible. I especially enjoyed the buffalo steaks, raspberry chicken, and Australian high jumping rabbit among the dozen or more courses they brought out, and the Kentucky