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04 Jan


Steven K. Ledin,

I was up before dawn, and my backpack was still sopping wet from the caribou blood I washed off it from yesterday’s kill before I crawled into my sleeping bag last night. In the tent that morning were seven other hunters sleeping deeply, their non-harmonious snores a cacophony of wheezing and nightmarish sounds, and the combined stink and foul gasses of their rank breath and soured bodies and soiled hanging undergarments after a week of physical exertion with limited hygienic options was stifling and, so help me, visual.

This was the last day of an unguided caribou hunt near …

28 Oct

Alaskan Bear Hunt with EOTech 2011

Steven K. Ledin,

My God was drunk and delirious and flailing when His Paintbrush spewed forth the colors and medium to make this part of our planet. Ketchikan (Kehi to the locals) was the first city in Alaska I'd ever landed in, and the terrain and scent of it is something I had always hoped I would experience sometime in my life. It didn't disapoint. I was with JB from EOTech, the inimitable predator hunter Byron South, and his camera man Sammy. If Byron is Cisco, Sammy is his Pancho. A good working pair.

We were in Alaska
07 Mar

Texas Pigs and Coyotes with EOTech Sights, Night Vision and Thermal Imaging From L-3, Lots of Hardcore Black Guns, $25,000 OPMOD Revolver, and Mudbugs

Steven K. Ledin,

Seven guys from L-3 EOTech were here last Tuesday. A few of us from OP had productive meetings with them most of the day. These were to be our hunting partners for Texas hogs. After work we went to my favorite restaurant in the whole world, the Italian Kitchen, where we feasted like kings until the wee small hours of the morning. John and Emerald really outdid themselves this night above all others. Incredible. I especially enjoyed the buffalo steaks, raspberry chicken, and Australian high jumping rabbit among the dozen or more courses they brought out, and the Kentucky

10 Dec

Iowa Cold, Nikon M-223 on a 12 Gauge, Filled Tags, Butchery, and Food

Steven K. Ledin,

The weather in Iowa during our hunt was supposed to be cold, and they got it right. Single digits waking up, and highs in the 20s. Since Tom and I were driving, space and weight weren't an issue. I brought about all the good base layers of underwear I had. Better too much than too little. One of the hardest parts to get correct is the type and quantity of layers to wear, taking into consideration how much walking and sweating you have to do to get to your tree stand. Sweating under your clothes and sitting in wet underwear
02 Oct

Leupold Antelope Hunt outside Casper Wyoming with CDS Dial Skill

Steven K. Ledin,

Airports have never been my favorite places, but the Casper, Wyoming airport is as laid-back and friendly as one gets. I flew in last Monday and met a few guys that I'd be hunting with. Others I would meet at the ranch. This is always one of my favorite parts of any hunt, getting to know new folks in the industry. This hunt was sponsored by one of the very best sports optics companies on the face of the earth, Leupold.
There were antelope browsing in grassy areas between parking lots leaving the airport, and we saw hundreds of