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28 May

Enter EOTech’s Weekly Sight Giveaway!

Steven K. Ledin, Enter EOTech’s Weekly Sight Giveaway!

In celebration of EOTech's production of their one millionth sight, they are giving away 5 Holographic sights and magnifiers every week until the end of the year! Just go to EOTech's Facebook page and Like the page. Then you can watch the weekly video and register to win. A new video will be posted each week showing the sight in a different, secret location. Once registered, fans guess the location for a chance to win!…

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17 May

GAT Guns’ Magnificent Indoor Range and Nikon Spot On Competition Preparation

Steven K. Ledin, GAT Guns’ Magnificent Indoor Range and Nikon Spot On Competition Preparation

The news flyer from the city of East Dundee states that GAT Guns' indoor ranges are the "largest in the country". They are simply state of the art and magnificent. The 14 new 75 yard rifle range lanes and 14 new 50 yard lanes have target carriers that utilize computer touch screen controls for distance settings. They are fast! They turn 90 degrees when scooting along, and turn perpendicular when they stop. The carriers have lights built in. Ventilation is superb. Plenty of chairs. Rifle rests avalable for use …

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02 May

EOTech One Millionth Sight Contest!

Steven K. Ledin, EOTech One Millionth Sight Contest!

EOTech is giving away 5 sights and magnifiers every week until the end of the year! Enter the weekly drawings!

EOTech Celebrates 1 Millionth Milestone with Product Giveaway



Ann Arbor, MI (March 2013) – EOTech, a division of L-3 Warrior Systems, has recently reached an incredible milestone in producing its 1 millionth Holographic Weapon Sight.  To celebrate, EOTech announces a year-long Facebook promotion with weekly HWS prizes as well as a grand prize at the end to commemorate the production of their 1Millionth Holographic Weapon Sight.


In preparation for this promotion, the 1 Millionth sight has been …

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01 May

OPMODasaki With Nanuk Versus Harley

Steven K. Ledin, OPMODasaki With Nanuk Versus Harley

I've been riding and racing bikes before kindergarden, since about 1964. I've had maybe 10 or so since then.

The OPMODasaki is the most satisfying bike I've ever owned, mostly because it fits my riding style. I love the dirt, and having a big thumping enduro bike between my legs with full bags on back is awesome. The KLR's knobbies splash through mud, sqirt dirt, and hop curbs and potholes like breathing. It is quick and nimble with a throaty growl, and the superb Nanuk cases on the Moose Expedition racing frame makes carrying cases of beer or ammo effortless. I keep …

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26 Apr

Tru-Spec 24-7 3-in 1 WeatherShield Motorcycle Jacket and !

Steven K. Ledin, Tru-Spec 24-7 3-in 1 WeatherShield Motorcycle Jacket and !

The above picture shows our lovely Kate wearing the excellent Tru-Spec 24-7 3-in-1 WeatherShield jacket. It's my new go-to motorcycle jacket. I love everything about it. It's not marketed as a bike jacket, but it is the best I have ever owned for that application.

It's still chilly out during my morning drives to work, and proper clothing makes it comfortable. My area of least comfort, normally, is my lower chin and neck, even when wearing turtlenecks, like I normally do for spring riding.  I sometimes wear my secret weapon, …

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15 Apr

OPMOD EOTech with Insight, Champion, Laser Genetics, Streamlight, Carson, ATN, Armasight, and Night Stalker

Steven K. Ledin, OPMOD EOTech with Insight, Champion, Laser Genetics, Streamlight, Carson, ATN, Armasight, and Night Stalker

The opening photo is from a Product In Focus video we did last week explaining the features of the Western Rivers Night Stalker Pro game call. This is a high end call with 8-10 hours of battery life and an amazing 250 yard range with the remote. It also comes with a moving decoy and includes 2 gigs of memory to load your own noises if one of the included 400 calls are not to your liking. The gun is my Remington R-25 .308

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26 Mar

Surefire/Trijicon Shoot, and Grab a Handful of OPMOD

Steven K. Ledin, Surefire/Trijicon Shoot, and Grab a Handful of OPMOD

Product Intelligence and a few others were invited to the Article II Range in Lombard last week for a shoot sponsored by Surefire and Trijicon. This was the first time that these trainers held a shoot for non-military and LE customers. Free ammo is always good, and we threw a lot of lead downrange through a variety of ARs. Several wore cans, and they all worked even after they got red hot. LWRC and LMT make some of the most desireable black guns in existence. We shot the carbines with a variety of ACOGs

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19 Feb

Weaver KV Riflescope

Steven K. Ledin, Weaver KV Riflescope

This old Weaver KV riflescope was built between 1950-1964. There's a feature on this scope that few people have seen: a third turret to adjust the magnification. It has a power range from 2 3/4-5, and a non centered reticle. The scope rings are made with the scope. Get this: The steel one inch tube was made, then a ring, loosened as much as possible is slid on the scope tube. The turrets and housing are installed, then the second ring is slipped on. The ocular housing comes last. There's no way …

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05 Feb

Dogs in the Dirt

Steven K. Ledin, Dogs in the Dirt

Our coworker Sean supplies his dad's hunting addiction with products from OpticsPlanet. His dad's name is Patrick, and he's been shooting lots of coyotes lately on his farm near Woodhull, IL. The weather has been cold, and this time of year the pelts are at their prime. Pat's getting 35 bucks apiece for prime pelts right now. His current rig is a Savage 10 in .223 with a Nikon Coyote Special 4.5-14×40 scope, shooting Hornady Varmint Express 55 grainers. He calls his dogs in with the new Primos Alpha Dog game call, currently the best on the market. …

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04 Jan


Steven K. Ledin, Compass

I was up before dawn, and my backpack was still sopping wet from the caribou blood I washed off it from yesterday’s kill before I crawled into my sleeping bag last night. In the tent that morning were seven other hunters sleeping deeply, their non-harmonious snores a cacophony of wheezing and nightmarish sounds, and the combined stink and foul gasses of their rank breath and soured bodies and soiled hanging undergarments after a week of physical exertion with limited hygienic options was stifling and, so help me, visual.

This was the last day of an unguided caribou hunt near …

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