29 Sep

OPMOD Strikefire on 10/22 and Pistol

Steven K. Ledin,


The OPMOD Strikefires have been migrating to various guns. First, on the S&W M&P 15-22 that I wrote about in my last Riflescopeblog, then on to my 10/22 and my S&W 2206 pistol. With the optional low ring, it's perfect for so many applications.

The above photo shows my old charcoal grey laminate 10/22 with a standard Weaver mount. I had tried an EGW pic rail so I could have extra room to mount a magnifier or NV device, but it was a bit higher than what I wanted, so I just stayed with the standard Weaver. I thought of cutting a new groove somewhere in the middle of it to mount it an inch or so more rearward, but it just wasn't worth the hassle. It's height is perfect, and nothing else is needed. It shoots great, adjusts perfectly, and it's super lightweight and quick. A nice set up for your 22 of almost any kind, and particularly easy for new shooters. Just center the dot and squeeze the trigger.

I also put one on my S&W 2206, a heavy stainless pistol I use with an Aimtech mount that replaces the right grip panel. Very sturdy and feels good. Again with the low ring, it sits perfectly on this platform and allows for two eye open shooting, fast as can be.

Another OPMOD product I've been having a lot of fun with lately is the GEN 1 NV Riflescope. This time I have it mounted on my RWS 24 .177 air rifle. Night Vision riflescopes are almost never rated for spring-piston airguns, but this little 24 has a velocity of only about 700 fps, so its recoil is not so potentially destructive that I have to be overly concerned with it. At 20 paces in the dead of night, it's as easy as a bad habit to ring the center of a target gong forever. And there's very little cocking effort involved. It's a cute little toy that shoots well and I love to shoot it. I bought it for My Shirley many years ago. It makes almost no noise. I don't use it on any critters…it just doesn't have enough giddyup.

Practice more! You don't always need to burn powder to do it. Enjoy!





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