27 Feb

>Bushnell Yardage Pro Laser Rangefinding Rifle Scope

Steven K. Ledin,

>We’ve been waiting a long time, but the first of the new generation of laser rangefinding rifle scopes is here. It’s the Bushnell Yardage Pro # 204124. This fully multicoated offering has a laser rangefinder built into a quality 4-12×42 waterproof assembly with a magnesium body and is as clear and as crisp as many of the higher-end Bushnell riflescopes. It comes complete with eight different bullet-drop compensating interchangeable turrets and a blank one, and also has a mildot reticle. The scope uses a 3volt battery and the specifications list it as being able to range a deer at up to 550 yards, and larger reflective objects up to 800 yards. Distances will vary according to conditions. The scope has an integral weaver style base, and should fit on most rifles without any problems, although it sits a bit high. Eye relief is approximately 3.5 inches. The unit can be activated by a button on the side of the scope in either meters or yards, or with a remote switch mountable on the forearm of your gun. It also has a scan mode.
We’re still waiting for the Burris LaserScope and Nikon IRT versions which are similar. Zeiss also has one for under $4000.00. Swarovski had one years ago, but problems sidelined it out of existence. It was also BIG. These new units are larger than standard riflescopes, but still reasonable in size and weight. I can’t wait to get a sample to abuse.

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