24 Mar

>Galco Miami Classic Anomaly

Steven K. Ledin,

>I was fooling around with one of my Galco Miami Classic holsters the other night. I hadn’t worn this particular one for a while, and as I put it on I noticed that it must’ve shrunk a bit over the winter. It didn’t look any different, and the screws were in the correct position, so I concluded it must’ve shrunk. That I had grown a bit in proportion was inconceivable. Just because I eat too much sometimes and don’t excersise enough was not reason enough to believe there was that much more of me. So I grumbled a bit as I loosened the screws, and considered giving Galco a call about this strange anomaly. As I get older, similar anamolies also happen to my pants and belts, and I think it would be wise for me to discover the truth about these someday.

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