10 Mar

>Weaver Style Ring Suggestions for 40mm Objective Lens Scopes

Steven K. Ledin,

>Here’s a few basic suggestions for one inch Weaver style rings for scopes with 40mm objective lenses:
Leupold Rifleman #55860. Good all-purpose alloy rings at a very reasonable price.
Leupold Cross Slot rings #49965 . Very good looking and sturdy steel rings in gloss only.
Leupold QRW #49856. . Tough and good looking rings with two screws on each side and a lever for quick removal. I use these on some of my slug guns.
Leupold PRW #54149. . Love them. Same as above without the quick release feature.
Leupold Mark 4 #57524 in aluminum, or 60595 in steel. . Simply put, some of the best rings ever made since the beginning of time. Use the proper torque wrench for repeatable installation.
A lot of people have been interested in the new Burris XTR rings #420181 lately, and Burris also sells the reliable Zee Rings #420521.
B-Square #20054. Another good basic ring at a good price.
I only mentioned in this short script a couple products that we regularly carry and that are of fine quality. There are many other brands available, some are superb, some suck. You get what you pay for.
One caveat: Although most 40mm objective lens scopes will work with medium rings, some will not, particularly if the shank of the rifle barrel is particularly thick, or if you have a very heavy barrel. Sometimes you just have to set a scope in the rings with your particular bases to make sure.
Remember, your rings and bases are often the weakest link in your shooting system, and when you’re ready to mount your scope, stay low and go slow.

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