09 May

>Energizer Flashlights with Red and Blue Lamps for Blood Tracking

Steven K. Ledin,

>Curious and without first-hand experience tracking blood with anything other than white light, I conducted an experiment to see if colored lamps would help. I used a new Energizer Hard Case Tactical LED Infrared Night Vision flashlight for my testing. Certain manufacturers have been touting blue lamps, or a combination of blue and red lamps for trailing blood. I started the experiment by draining the blood off a three pound package of ground beef into one of two cognac glasses, being careful not to sip from the wrong one. I let it sit until room temperature and poured some out onto different materials in the woods in back of my house. It was a pitch black evening. Rocks, trees, grasses, dirt, leaves and twigs all were saturated with the warm blood. I could tell no difference in visibility of the liquid between the red, blue, or combination of the two colored lamps. The blood was visibly darker than the objects it was on, but I would certainly not be able to tell where it was if I wasn’t aware exactly where I put it. So the limited test I performed told me that white light and hands and knees when necessary are still the way to go. I will continue with my testing.

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