04 Jul

>Millett Adjustable .22 Rings

Steven K. Ledin,

>I came across a perfect reason to use the Millett Adjustable .22 rings the other day. A friend came over with and old Remington .22 pump gun the other day because I said I had an extra scope he could use to practice with. I put the scope on and when I tried to boresight it I didn’t have nearly enough windage. I turned the rings I was using 180 degrees and tried it again. Same thing. Eliminating the possibility of the scope being faulty, I tried different rings and a different scope. Same again. The grooves on the gun’s receiver were actually machined crooked. With the Millet adjustable rings this will prove to be a non-issue. They come in black, matte, or nickel, and are readily available for any grooved receiver application.

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