Monthly Archives: July 2007

06 Jul

>Surefire Build Your Own

Steven K. Ledin,

Surefire flashlights has a new “build your own” program and it is now on our site. With this offering you can mix and match parts to configure what you think is the best light for your application. Many Surefire illumination tools are modular and are mountable on various firearms. Surefire offers many Picatinny mounts and replacement parts to modify exiting weapons platforms for use with tactical lights and other accessories. Surefire lasers are not excluded from this “build your own” presentation, and in some cases may even work in conjunction with an illumination tool. Surefire has always made …

04 Jul

>Millett Adjustable .22 Rings

Steven K. Ledin,

I came across a perfect reason to use the Millett Adjustable .22 rings the other day. A friend came over with and old Remington .22 pump gun the other day because I said I had an extra scope he could use to practice with. I put the scope on and when I tried to boresight it I didn’t have nearly enough windage. I turned the rings I was using 180 degrees and tried it again. Same thing. Eliminating the possibility of the scope being faulty, I tried different rings and a different scope. Same again. The grooves on the gun’s …

03 Jul

>Leupold Custom Shop Scopes

Steven K. Ledin,

The Leupold Custom Shop has been around for quite some time, and for about a year OpticsPlanet has been taking orders for them. We are the only internet dealer that offers this service. We offer significant discounts off of retail Leupold prices, and all orders are scrutinized for accuracy and detail. Some options can’t be done with some others, and alternative options can be suggested to come to a similar end result. Help with trajectories and reticles and BDCs is available, as well as mounting solutions and proper fit with applications. Simple engravings and initials add a classy touch to …