30 Aug

>Swarovski AV 4-12×50 with TDS

Steven K. Ledin,


I’m going trolling for goats this year in Wyoming, and I’m using a Swarovski AV 4-12×50 rifle scope with a reticle similar to the TDS. It’s a new reticle offering, and simply offers stadia lines for bullet drop compensation. I have always thought Swarovski offered the brightest optics available, and I like the light weight. I hate carrying around a lot of crap, and I try to be minimalistic when I leave for a hunt. I’ve swatted a bunch of Pronghorns with lesser magnification at distances up to the mid-300s, and a bit more magnification won’t hurt. This setup is only for this hunt. Normally I like a bit less magnification, but this scope is plenty light and not too large in profile. It will work fine, and the brightness and clarity are shocking.

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