08 Jan

>Scope Choice for a .22

Steven K. Ledin,


A customer asked a question the other day that kind of relates the importance of price and purpose in choosing a scope for his son’s .22. This is the question:

“I just purchased a Savage MK II BTVS for my son and I need to get a Scope for him.
There are way to many for me to learn, so when in doubt ask the experts. I just would like to buy a scope that is good for the range and will standup to time and a teen’s usage and easy to use. Stainless Steel would be nice to match the Rifles look. Any help will be very appreciated.
Yours truly, RB”

I answered:

You need to determine what purpose and price range. This article may help: http://www.opticsplanet.com/how-to-choose-riflescope.html
Silver limits choices considerably, particularly for a .22.
For a good quality variable .22 scope you should have an adjustable objective. Here’s a few overall choices in various magnifications and price ranges. Nice choice of a gift.


Have fun!”
Doctors and mechanics need all the information that is available to choose the right course of action. Same here.

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