27 Feb

>Drilling for Fun

Steven K. Ledin,


I was speaking to a colleague the other day that didn’t know what a drilling was. Drei (pronounced “dry”) is the German word for three. Three barrels on a gun is a drilling. Mine was bought in parts without wood and missing some metal pieces. I hooked up with a metalworker whose son was autistic and couldn’t care for himself but was a genius with wood. He made the stock without plans, and the blank was gorgeous. The rifle was built in Suhl by Edgar Keiss in the early thirties and is two 16 gauge 2 1/2″ barrels over an 8x57R J bore. The gun is a work of art, and shoots well. I promised to send a few pictures to my colleague, and here’s one to share with you folks. Time to get into the safes and spring clean and plan for the new shooting year!

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