23 May

>Getting Close to Africa

Steven K. Ledin,


Only about 10 days left until safari. Scrambling. The folks I’m going with had two years to prepare. I got three weeks. Had three more training sessions for the crew this week. About 50 people. Scope mounts and mounting. Lots of visual aids and guns everywhere.

Gotta get a rough 100 yard zero this weekend with whatever ammo I have. Next weekend I’ll go long. Leave Tuesday morning. Winchester is one of the sponsors, and I’m waiting to see what kind of ammo they send for me to use. Should’ve been here already, but that’s the way it goes. I’m going with some gun writers and people in the industry. Cape buffalo for them, plains game for me. I’m strung as tight as a piano wire right now getting ready and still working hard. Too bad work has to cut into hunting time. The current political unrest and violence is a bit troubling in Johannesburg, as well. I’ll be there for a couple days. I didn’t plan to be a war correspondent.

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