10 Jul

>Holsters 101 Featuring Bianchi, Blackhawk, Fobus, Galco, Etc.

Steven K. Ledin,


Last training class was Holsters 101. I spoke about construction and materials, applications, real world daily carry, and my favorites. I started the class wearing an Uncle Mikes Bandolier with a scoped Freedom Arms in it over a Galco Miami Classic with a Glock. Inside my 5.11 tactical shirt was a Star PD. My ankle held a Kel-Tec in an Uncle Mike’s rig. On my belt was a Galco Phoenix Crossdraw with a model 10 in it, next to a left hand Blackhawk Serpa with another Glock, then a Galco SOB with another Glock, then a Galco Yaqui Slide with a Beretta, then a #5 Uncle Mike’s hip holster with thumb break with the straps removed and a cocked and locked 70 series 1911 in it, then an Uncle Mike’s inside the pants with another Kel-Tec. A Jennings was in my pocket in a Galco horsehide Front pocket holster. A J frame was in an Uncle Mike’s fanny pack. I did this to explain how each holster is different, and these visual aids helped the employees engrain the information. In the Democratic Republic of Illinois, one of the most restricted states we have, most folks have never touched a holster or a handgun, and certainly have never put a handgun in a holster and actually worn one. This was another fun class, and it’s not often I get to wear a dozen guns at once and get paid for it.

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